Public Cloud and SaaS Drive Cloud Sector Growth


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Over the course of 15 years in enterprise sales, Leonard Yakhnich has managed many complex transactions to provide technology solutions in areas including data integration, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. Since 2012, Leonard Yakhnich has served as a Senior Account Executive at Informatica, where he generates company-leading sales of the firm’s unique cloud platform.

Recent research from Gartner, a market research firm, suggests that the cloud computing sector will experience significant growth in 2017. Gartner has projected that global revenue from cloud computing will grow from $209.2 billion to $246.8 billion, for an impressive increase of 18 percent.

Driving this growth is the business world’s increasing reliance on a variety of cloud-based services. Public cloud infrastructure revenue is poised to increase by 36.8 percent, as the growing use of smart cars, appliances, factory machines, and other connected devices make more sophisticated cloud platforms a necessity. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sector is also on the rise, with Gartner projecting this market subset to grow by 20 percent.

SaaS platforms enable companies to deliver their applications via the Internet. Both emerging and established enterprises are increasingly adopting SaaS as a simpler, more efficient method of service delivery.