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Meals on Wheels

A veteran technology sales professional, Leonard Yakhnich brings nearly two decades of experience to his current position as a Senior Account Executive with Informatica Corporation in San Francisco, California. In addition to his work in the technology sector, Leonard Yakhnich supports a range of philanthropic initiatives, including Meals on Wheels.

One of the most successful social service programs in the United States, Meals on Wheels has been providing nutritious food at low or no cost to seniors across the United States since 1954. Over the past half-century, the organization has expanded to include a network of more than 5,000 affiliated local organizations working with 2 million volunteers. In addition to providing meals in the home or at local community centers, Meals on Wheels volunteers provide companionship and safety checks for area seniors.

To run its programs, Meals on Wheels relies heavily on federal funding. Legislation such as the Older Americans Act has provided much-needed funding, but federal support has not kept up with the pace of inflation, and as a result the organization has been forced to provide fewer and fewer meals each year.

To change this concerning situation, Meals on Wheels is advocating for Congress to increase federal funding for the program in its annual budget. The group also has called upon volunteers and other citizens concerned about the welfare of the nation’s seniors to advocate for the cause through social media and by calling or writing members of Congress. To learn more about the initiative, please visit